Our current main research lines are:

– The identification of explosives in pre- and post-blast IEDs by Raman spectroscopy (European Project HOME/2011/ISEC/AG).

– Compiling scientific data on explosives to provide scientific information to forensic experts (European Project HOME/2012/ISEC/AG/CBRN/4000003800).

– Characterization of materials and their effect on enzymatic interactions by Raman spectroscopy (European Project BIBAFOODs, FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN- 606713. Started at February 2014).

– Developing an innovative forensic approach for drugs determination in oral fluids and its use to define objective criteria to confirm the drugs influence on drivers for law application (pending of applied funding).

– Tracing firearms from target to classify them according to their penal implications (pending of applied funding).

– Scientific studies on Molotov cocktails and consumer fireworks as predominant evidence in forensic casework in the explosives area.

– Preliminary studies on the identification of biological fluids in complex mixtures by spectroscopy.

– Forensic applications in novel capillary electrophoresis systems (in-house portable format or commercial system with smart micro-structured capillaries instead of the conventional capillary).

– Study of chemometric tools for the interpretation of data of forensic interest.

Our published work is summarized in:

Inquifor’s page at University of Alcalá

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