New collaboration between INQUIFOR and the University at Albany (USA)

The University at Albany, SUNY in New York has mentioned the work that Valentina is carrying out during her PhD stay and the great results she is obtaining on cocaine detection by Raman spectroscopy:

“New international collaboration between Prof. Igor Lednev, of the Department of Chemistry, and Professor Carmen García Ruiz from the University Institute of Research in Police Sciences (IUICP), University of Alcalá, Madrid, Spain has started targeting the development a new method for detecting drugs in bodily fluids for forensic purposes. Valentina D’Elia, a senior PhD student from García Ruiz’s laboratory came to UAlbany for six month to work on this project. Valentina is using a unique, homebuilt Raman spectroscopic instrument in the Lednev laboratory to determine the level of detection of cocaine in saliva. Valentina has been at Albany four (4) weeks and she has already obtained interesting and promising results.”

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