Crystal energies: Capillary electrophoresis with photonic crystal fibers - Ezine -

Matías Calcerrada, one of our Ph.D. students, was interviewed by the SeparationNow magazine:

Optical fibers, a technology developed for one specific purpose turns to be very useful for a completely different purpose. This is the case with photonic crystal fibers PCFs. Like optical fibers, PCFs were initially developed to transmit light efficiently, mainly for communications applications. But whereas optical fibers…

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RAMANEX. New website already available

After some hard-working months, RAMANEX European Project website is already accessible. A few days ago we talked to you about the bit step forward we made thanks to the TEDAX group of Spanish Civil Guard.

Now, the new WEB is online, with all the Raman spectra we have analyzed for this project, available for everybody with free access. As long as we get more spectra, we will upload them, to try to achieve a Raman collection as big as possible.


RAMANEX. Ya está disponible la nueva web

Ramanex ingles

A big step forward for INQUIFOR in Ramanex project

During the last week, INQUIFOR took a big step forward on its RAMANEX european project. This project is focused on new identification methods of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and post-blast residues by Raman spectroscopy. Thanks to TEDAX group of the Spanish Civil Guard, we were able to make some controlled explosions to analyze post-blast residues, with explosives frequently used to make IEDs

On each explosion, we put some matrices (glass, paper, rubber, steel, etc.) in triplicate on different positions to study how post-blast residues are stuck on each surface, for its later Raman analysis.

Now, it is time to analyze all these residues, almost 300 samples from different materials, to study results and obtain strong and reliable conclusions.